The ligthweigth widgets for your next XHTML GUI...

Lwcomponents is set of minimalistic javascript widgets that enhance the XHTML GUI without consumpting a great amount of resources on the client browser. This is mainly addressed to large AJAX projects, with tons of forms and various controls - not a simple contact form into a personal website.

Nowadays there're a lot of DHTML widgets designed to imitate the desktop-app look & feel (see the Competitors page for links); building a full-featured webapp with this widgets often requires a considerable amount of RAM on the client and a fast CPU.
Moreover, most browser experiments some troubles when their resources usage becomes so intensive - remember that browser applications was originally created to render static HTML pages and the javascript engine itself is not intended to run large applications but only short snipplets of code.
LWcomponents are different because they are designed with the following goals (in order):
  1. performance: widgets must bring a minimal overhead on the client
  2. functionality: widgets must enhance the standard HTML functionality, not simply mimic them
  3. easy usage: ajax applications are the future of the web, so everyone should be able to use this stuff

The back side is a somewhat primitive layout; LWcomponets are not so well-looking than other DHTML widgets, so if the appearance is a must into your project you should go away...
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